ABOUT: Put your product in front of Walmart beauty enthusiasts. The Walmart Beauty Box delivers health and beauty samples to an engaged subscriber base each season inside a custom-themed box along with a cosmetic bag. Target subscribers based on beauty style, skin concern, hair styling routine and more! Available at beautybox.walmart.com.

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1. Who will be getting the box?

Subscribers who have signed up on beautybox.walmart.com. Boxes are sent each quarter that are seasonally themed.

2. What will be in the box?

Each box includes a cosmetic bag and 6-8 trial size products and inserts.

3. How do I participate?

In order to participate, the product must be sold on Walmart.com. Please provide all product information including dimensions and weight in order to be considered.

4. How much does it cost to participate?

Please see the rate card for all costs.

5. Do you have to have full quantity in order to participate?

No, but the minimum quantity starts at 25K. Participating quantities can be flexible and discussed on a case-by-case basis.

6. When will boxes be shipped?

The boxes are shipped each season. Please see the program one sheet for the shipping dates.

7. Is there a weight limitation for samples?

Yes, samples over 3 oz. need to be reviewed and approved.

8. Are coupons allowed?

No, coupons are not accepted.

9. What will the box look like?

The box creative and cosmetic bag that is included changes each quarter based on the seasonal theme.

10. How much will the box cost for the consumer?

The box is free. The subscriber pays the S&H fee of $5 each season.

11. When are products due at the facility?

Products are due up to 4-5 weeks before production begins. Please see the program one sheet for the sample due dates.