BrandShare’s Targeted Sampling and Shopper Engagement facilitates the delivery of product samples, exclusive offers, branded inserts and calls to action to enhance your customer’s buying experience and create a “surprise and delight” moment.

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Theme Close Dates
Halloween 2018 8/30/2018
Holiday 2018 9/24/2018

Store Launch Close Dates
August 2018 6/15/2018
September 2018 7/16/2018
October 2018 8/29/2018
November 2018 9/28/2018
December 2018 10/29/2018

Dates subject to change.



1. What is the Walmart Pick-Up Program?

Walmart Online Grocery pick-up locations will be available in 2,000 locations and 275+ markets throughout 2018. Walmart shoppers place their order online or on the Walmart Grocery app and set a delivery time and date to pick-up in store.

When the Walmart customer goes to pick-up their groceries, they are greeted by an associate and their grocery bags are packed into their trunk. At this time if they are personally handed a Store Launch Bag and thanked for being a new Walmart Online Grocery Pick- Up Customer.

This is a great surprise and delight given to the customer.

For our Themed executions, this is the same process but they are handed to all customers during a specific weekend vs. all month long along.

2. How do I participate?

In order to participate in the sample bag the product must be available on Walmart Online Grocery. As long as the product is available in majority of grocery pick-up locations then they can participate.

All products are reviewed by Walmart for final approval

3. What types of products will you accept?

We will accept products that are sold on Walmart Online Grocery Pick-Ups

• These products will get reviewed and given final approval by Walmart
• We do not accept items that contain alcohol

4. Can we place carbonated Beverages inside the Grocery Pick-Up Bags?

Yes, they can participate in the bag but they must be placed inside a carton in order to protect the can from exploding.

5. How long of a shelf-life do products need to have to participate in a bag?

All products that go inside of the sample bags must have a 3-6 month shelf life.

6. Do you accept inserts?

We accept inserts, bi-folds or booklets.

There will only be 1-2 collateral pieces placed inside the samples bags at a time.

All creative is subject to being reviewed and approved by Walmart.

7. Do you have to have full quantity in order to participate?

You must have full quantity in order to participate in our Thematic sample bags.

Quantity for Store Launch Bags are flexible and can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

8. Will bags ship monthly?

Our Store Launch Bags ship monthly. Bags ship at the end of each month to ensure delivery at the beginning of the month for distribution.

Our Themed Bags ship only during the months where we have Themed executions.

• August: Back to School
• December: Holiday

9. How long is distribution for Thematic Bags and Store Launch Bags?

Thematic Bag in-market timing is typically a 2-3 day flight, while supplies last. These are handed out during a specific weekend.

Store Launch Bag in-market timing is typically 4-8 weeks, but no definite date can be provided since these are handed out based on new customer acquisition.

10. Are Coupons or Iotta Offers allowed in Walmart Online Grocery Pick-Up Bags?

No, at this time we cannot include coupons or Ibotta offers due to the fact that these cannot be used on online grocery.

11. Can you Geo-Target in Walmart Online Grocery Pick-Up Bags?

No, we cannot geo-target at this time. We need to ensure that certain locations get a specific number of bags per month, therefore this causes it to be extremely difficult to be able to accurately geo-target for the client.

12. Can we include Glass Jars or Bottles inside the Grocery Pick- Up Bags?

At this time, we cannot include any glass bottles or jars in the sample bags that are over 10 oz. gross weight. If a bottle or jar is under 10 oz. gross weight, we can include however these will have to be placed in thick protective cardboard sleeves to avoid damage, breakage and spillage. Please be aware ALL glass items no matter the weight will still be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Glass items will have to be tested at our Fulfilment Center to see if they pass the break test when falling while placed in the protective carton. If they do not pass, we cannot include them inside the sample bags.

13. All Samples and Collateral pieces will be finalized and brought to contract based on Walmart’s Final Approval.

14. What are the shipping guidelines?

The shipping guidelines will be provided to a client upon approval and signed contract

These guidelines include directions on who to contact when making a shipment.

The shipping label will have to be filled out by the client and placed on all cartons being shipped to our FC. This will help our FC determine what program the samples are for and which month they will be distributing.

15. When do I need to ship my products?

Each Store Launch Bag and each Theme Bag will have a different date that the products need to arrive at FC.

As soon as your product is approved by Walmart you will be given a timeline with deliverables.

16. Why is it critical to meet deadlines?

It is critical to meet deadlines because we have to ensure that we are able to kit our sample bags and get them out to store locations on time.

If a brand misses creative or delivery deadlines they risk not being able to participate in their contract execution as we cannot delay bags because of one product.

17. What should I do if I am unable to meet a deadline?

If you are unable to meet a deadline, immediately notify the below contacts at BrandShare as soon as you are aware that you cannot meet them.

Please let them know what date you would be able to meet to see if there is any flexibility on the deadline.

[email protected]
[email protected]

18. Can I do a limited edition/custom bag?

At this time, we can take inquiries about limited edition/custom bags but we cannot say with certainty that this will be approved. Walmart will have to review and approve before we can commit to these requests.

19. What if I have incremental units to distribute?

We allow brands to participate in more than one execution therefore your samples can be placed in multiple months for the Store Launch bags and you can also participate in themed executions.

20. Do you offer other ways to reach Walmart shoppers?

Yes. BrandShare also provides ways to reach Walmart Beauty Shoppers, Baby Shoppers and E-commerce shoppers with the below programs.

• Walmart Beauty Box
• Walmart Baby Box
• Walmart E-Commerce Sampling Program